For 110 years this year, Santa Claus and his elves have lived in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage. “Every winter night, the town is lit up with magnificent little fireflies which create a magical atmosphere and make this town unique! The mild climate, enchanting activities, lavish decorations… It was the ideal place to set up all my toy manufacturing facilities as well as my house!” Santa told us a short while ago.

After having enjoyed the many delights of the Opal Coast this summer (beaches, gourmet food and sports… no, no… Not sports!), the time has come for Santa Claus and his teams to get the Christmas presents ready. Full steam ahead! The Toy Factory is back in action for the happiness of everyone, in the very heart of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage ;

Follow us on this journey. The path is marked out for you to discover the secrets of Christmas.


Enchanted Forest and Santa’s home

Once upon a time, there was a little enchanted forest with fairy animals, in which 1,000 and one fireflies were twinkling and making the place magical.

Let’s enjoy a little snack in one of the three chalets of delicacies, before walking down the alley that leads straight to… Santa’s home! Perhaps his lucky tenant is there ! Why not taking a picture with him to remember him by but above all, leaving your precious “letter to Santa Claus” in the mailbox provided for this purpose in front of his house?


The Toy Factory

Let’s head to the toy factory which is a large building. This palace is the heart of the elves’ activities: thousands of them are busy making toys. Zebulon, the head elf supervisor, explains us : “The place is classified as top secret. We use magical tools that we don’t want to reveal.

But you should know that a blend of imagination and talent, a zest of passion and a pinch of fun are our driving forces behind this fabulous factory. But I must admit, the warehouses are a bit overflowing !

So, we keep our most imposing works in the gardens: the nutcrackers, the rocking chair, the little trains, the giant bear… Even the animals from the forest come here to watch us !

Look at them getting excited underneath this enchanted bubble! Time flies and it is now time to wrap up all these presents. This stage takes place in the elf garden. But why don’t you go have a look?


The Elf Garden

The elf garden… This small, enclosed park next to the toy factory is the place where all the elves who have been assigned to wrap Christmas presents spend long hours every single night of December.

Under the trees, which are decorated with a thousand of shimmering colours, the elves are busy.

But that’s without counting on Filou, the prankster elf, who loves to get into mischief and hide presents in the garden.

What a huge task to do by starlight for such little men!


The Starry Avenue

The walk along the starry avenue is magical… Under a canopy of silver stars swaying in the wind, the walk becomes a wonderment and stretches out in a fairy-tale atmosphere !

Take the time to sit in the flying chairs and take a ride into the stars.

Perhaps you will come across Elfie, the elf in charge of delivering the gifts, who will then accompany you part of the way to the Garden of Delicacies.


Garden of Sweets

The “Garden of Sweets”, where Santa Claus regularly gets his strength back before his Christmas Eve tour.

Between the gingerbread family house and the candy canes, the temptation to eat is high! But let’s be clear, it can only be savoured through the eyes, of course !

Here, the Jules Verne ride invites you to an extraordinary journey to 20,000 leagues under the sea aboard the Nautilus, or to a trip around the world in 80 days in a hot air balloon.

You can get all the secrets for a magical end of the year at the Tourist Office nearby.


Santa’s Reindeer Square

By the sea, at Santa’s reindeer square, Tornado (the strongest), Lightning (the most powerful) and Comet (the fastest) are already standing by the carousel, ready for a special overnight delivery.

They are really looking forward to it, and we can all understand why: now that the presents have been made, wrapped and dispatched, all that’s left to do is to pack them into Santa’s sleigh, which will pass through the light tunnel and take off in a magical flight into the sky, the chimneys, and people’s homes all over the world!


The Giant Fir Garden

The first gift-giving takes place at the Giant Fir Garden, at the foot of the huge Christmas tree.

Legend has been told that 110 years ago, when Alphonse Daloz set about planting a forest of maritime pines, a somewhat magical fir tree grew in the middle of this majestic forest.

This is the tree! And as you can see, it has grown quite a lot since then. This obvious landmark for Santa’s reindeer invites all of us, young and old, to go through the magic labyrinth where getting lost becomes a great moment of enjoyment with the family!


Santa’s Village

Santa’s village is where the magical journey of this great toy factory ends. It is the place to meet and enjoy the most beautiful moments of togetherness in a bright and colourful atmosphere : shops, artificial ice rink, inflatable bubble, and other activities….

The place is friendly and festive by definition and invites you to celebrate a warm end of the year.

Merry Christmas to you all at Le Touquet-Paris-Plage!