The big Christmas parade

Click on the video below to discover the Christmas parade and its route at Touquet-Paris-Plage, this parade taking place on Saturday December 16. We are waiting for you there!


It’s Christmas Eve at Noah’s house. He is expecting a visit from his uncle Alphonse, who is a clockmaker and often brings him strange toys that he makes himself.

And here he is, arriving that evening with a sort of wooden doll, as straight as a little soldier, with a green and red suit, a golden crown and a big mouth that serves as a nutcracker.

It is getting late and Noah’s mum quickly sends him to bed:

– Come on, Noah! Off to bed now!

Noah wisely goes off to bed and leaves his new toy at the foot of the tree.

But Noah can’t find his sleep, so he decides to go and look for his nutcracker.


(Palais des Congrès) :

Noah is on his way to the living room when he notices that something a bit strange is happening. He doesn’t clearly understand what it is, whether he’s getting smaller or everything around him is getting bigger.

In any case, the tree has pushed through the clouds until its tip touches the stars. The Christmas ornament has blown up like a balloon. Even Noah’s cuddly toy has been transformed into a giant bear, and his little wooden soldiers are coming to life one by one.

As for his nutcracker, it comes to life and gradually changes into a magnificent young soldier. Noah can’t believe his eyes.

– Come with me,” he says”, I’ll take you on a wonderful journey to a place you’ve never been before.


(Place du Centenaire)

Intrigued, Noah decides to follow him to a place where a majestic red and gold sleigh harnessed by three reindeer awaits them. The Nutcracker immediately climbs aboard.

– Let’s go, we’ve got no time to waste”, he says to Noah, who immediately complies.

The reindeer start to shake as their hooves clatter on the ground. Then a tunnel of light opened up before his astonished eyes. In a rush, the reindeer races through the tunnel. And, as as if by magic, they are swept away in a whirlwind of snowflakes.


(Place Quentovic) :

After a magical flight through the starry sky, the sleigh and its three reindeer make their first stop.

– Welcome to the kingdom of sliding”, exclaims the Nutcracker.

Noah discovers an ice rink as white as the snow. They put on their skates and start sliding down the track. Having never skated before in his life, Noah struggles to stand upright while the Nutcracker tries a few twirls.

Just next door is a long sledge slope. The two friends climb to the top, sit down on their sleds and hurtle down the slope to the very bottom amidst much laughter.

Before heading back to the sleigh, The Nutcracker takes Noah for a stroll through the aisles of the Christmas market. Soft scarves and woollen hats, multicoloured candles and garlands, toy trains and other traditional toys… Noah marvels at all the snow-covered wooden chalets.

It’s already time to get back on the sleigh, which takes off again.


(Jardin des Arts):

This time, the sleigh and its three reindeers have landed in the middle of a starry garden. Noah has never seen so many. Little stars, giant stars, shooting stars, twinkling stars… You could say his eyes are full of stars!

– If you look closely, you can even see the Big Dipper,” says the Nutcracker.

Noah gazes up at the sky and the famous constellation reveals itself before his eyes.

– Oh, a shooting star! Make a wish, Noah,” he whispers.

He closes his eyes and makes a wish. Then the two friends board the sleigh again before taking off under a shower of stars.


(Avenue du Verger) :

After a flight through a sky filled with stars, Noah and the Nutcracker arrive down a long avenue. A soft melody can be heard in the distance.

– There’s a fun fair over there. Shall we go for a ride?” asks the Nutcracker.

And off they go to the first merry-go-round with chairs hanging from chains. Noah sits down on one of them and the merry-go-round starts spinning and spinning and spinning… until the chairs start flying away! Noah feels like he’s flying through the air.

A little further away is a retro carousel. Wooden horses, a motorbike, a plane, a fire engine… But what really catches Noah’s eye is the red and white rocket. He rushes inside and watches the moon through the window as the merry-go-round starts up to the sound of music.

– Come on, Noah, we’ve got to pay a visit to someone,” says the Nutcracker.

But who is he talking about?


(Parc des Pins):

The sleigh and its three reindeers make their way through a forest filled with twinkling fireflies. It’s a magical place. Noah hears leaves rustling behind him and spots a fox watching them before running away. On the other side, he sees a bear playing with its babies and at the far end, a majestic stag with its long antlers standing on top of its head.

– Let’s hurry, he’s waiting for us”, says the impatient Nutcracker.

The two friends go deep into the forest. Along the way, a sweet smell tickles their nostrils. Hot chocolates, pancakes and waffles are cooking in wooden chalets. At the end of the path, a round house shines brightly. Noah climbs the stairs, followed by the Nutcracker.

– Welcome to my house, Noah, it’s so nice to finally meet you.

He couldn’t believe it was Santa Claus sitting on his throne! Noah, who isn’t usually very talkative, found himself telling him all about the progress he’d made at school and the list of presents he’d ordered this year.

– This trip has made me hungry, haven’t you?” asks the Nutcracker.

The two friends then leave Santa’s house and his magical forest.


(Parc Fernand Holuigue):

This time, the sleigh and its three reindeers make a stop in front of a large arch. Noah and the Nutcracker hurry down, attracted by the smell of candy cane. They find themselves in front of a park full of sweets! A gingerbread family greets them with a big smile. The scenery is enchanting: the paths are made of caramel, the throne is made of cookie, and the Christmas tree is made of barley sugar and stands like a huge cake. Noah, in awe of so many delicacies, doesn’t know where to start.

Once fully satisfied, the two friends climb back aboard the flying sleigh with heavy steps, before taking off in a burst of sparkling sugar. Noah closes his eyes and thinks of all the extraordinary adventures he’s just had.

When he opens his eyes, he’s in bed. His little wooden Nutcracker is there next to him. Noah doesn’t know what to think.

At Christmas, anything is possible at Le Touquet-Paris-Plage.